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Kyler Taustin
Kyler Taustin the creative director of The Brown Box Theatre Company, a traveling troupe of players based in Boston who visit us here on Delmarva every year.

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Snow Hill Counterfeiter Tales
This is a story we are updating which began with tales of some interesting historical characters who have been associated with Snow Hill, the county seat of Worcester County.

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The Mighty Tomato
When you think of quintessential Delmarva crops, corn and soybeans come to mind, but the tomato is just as important.

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Mike Dendler
Meet Chincoteague sculptor Mike Dendler who works primarily in bas relief.

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How Misty Made Chincoteague Horses Famous
This is the story behind the beloved children's book Misty of Chincoteague.

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Delmarva’s County Fair Season
Delmarva's County Fair Season is now underway. It is part of a longstanding tradition that predates the close of the Civil War when farmers in our country were struggling.

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Alex Vidiani
Meet this year's Sophie Kerr Prize winner: poet Alex Vidiani.

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The Story Of Kitty Knight
This is the story of Kitty Knight who single handedly defended the home of an elderly neighbor from attacking British forces.

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Wildlife In Season

Thistles and other flowers past their blooming prime along roadsides and field edges provide great feeding and therefore viewing of finches, Eastern king birds, and other song birds. In late August through the month of September migrating Neotropical songbirds pass through the region. Visit for regular birding forecast updates. Along the bays plovers and skimmers are always fun to watch. Watch for bottle nose dolphins playing just beyond the ocean surf while brown pelicans patrol the air space above them. And now is also a great time to see spice bush swallowtails, buckeyes, black swallow tail, monarch, and zebra butterflies and dragon flies.

Hurricane season heats up particularly at the end of the month. After a big blow this is a good time to go shelling along area beaches.


Delmarva's Night Sky

August 12-13 - Perseids Meteor Shower
August 14 - New Moon
August 29 - Full Moon

Names for the August full moon include:
Corn Moon, Barley Moon or Dispute Moon

Find out more on the Rhythms & Tides page.

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Holidays This Month

August 2 - International Friendship Day

Birthstone: Jade, Peridot
Flower: Gladiolus

Astrological Signs - Leo: July 23rd - August 22nd, Virgo - August 23rd - September 22nd

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